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2017 Family Renunion and the Whanau Trust AGM will be Aprill 22 in Timaru

Timaru April 22, 2017 ... read more


Summary of Trust Land (Updated April 2014) PDF  Word

Summary of Trust Land (Updated Mar 2009)

Summary of Land Blocks (updated 2009)

Education Grants (2009)

Kaumatua Medical Grants (2009)

Annual Report for Tamatea Te Waati Whanau Trust
28 February, 2004

Establishment & Purpose of the Tamatea Te Waati Trust
Events since the establishment of the Trust

Establishment & Purpose of the Tamatea Te Waati Trust

The Trust was established on 25 March, 2003 at the Christchurch Maori Land Court(101 South Island Minute Book 204-206)

The objects of the Trust are to “preserve the interests of the whanau” and to provide a pool of income arising from those interests for the “purpose of promoting the health, social, cultural and economic welfare, education and vocational training and general advancement in life of the beneficiaries.”

The beneficiaries are the “tipuna”(ie Gordon, Ray, Nelson, Mervyn, Lesley, Lindsay and Beverley) and their descendants.

The trustees agreed by the tipuna and confirmed by the Court are Mervyn, Lindsay and Gary.

The trustees are empowered:

Obligations of trustees include:


Events since the establishment of the Trust:

The trustees endeavoured to establish what were the assets of the Trust. We discovered the following:

The trustees then:

Mervyn attended a meeting held of shareholders in the Waituhi Kuratau 1B1 on 21 October, 2003. (The Trust owns 108.0469 shares(out of 561 shares) in this block which comprises 196.6468 hectares and is valued at $220,000)

The meeting agreed that the lease would be renewed for 21 years, the rent increased to $11,500pa(previously $2,800)for the first 7 years and $16,000pa thereafter. Mervyn was appointed as an Advisory Trustee to the Maori Trustee who oversees the administration of this lease.

The trustees held their first formal meeting at Thorndon, Wellington on 4 November, 2003 where it was agreed:

Since the trustees’ meeting we have been:


According to the Maori Land Court records Tom became entitled to some of these Maori Land interests from as early as 1907. He was made aware of these interests as a result of an equiry from Archie Taiaroa in 1968 but chose not to follow them up. When he died in 1986 Mum was entitled to succeed to these interests but would not have been aware of that entitlement.

The trustees, therefore, are pleased that over the last twelve months we have been able to conclude the legal requirements of succeeding to these entitlements and setting up this Trust.

The attendance of all of you here today is evidence that we have achieved at least one of the objects of the Trust.

We hope too, what you have learned today about your immediate family, your iwi and your extended Taiaroa whanau will encourage you to participate again in the future and pass on what you know to your children.

Tamatea Te Waati Taiaroa Whanau Trustees:

R. Mervyn Taiaroa

Lindsay S. Taiaroa

Gary E. Taiaroa

Draft Programme for Whanau Trust Hui (2004)

Welcome by Gordon T. Karakia by Susan M.

Annual Report by Merv

Pro forma Accounts by Gary

Questions, Ideas, What would YOU like to happen? by Lindsay

Demo of Maori Land Info Base and how to locate land blocks by Gary & Merv(dependent on Al's internet connection)

Close of formal meeting.

These are other ideas so far:
Gordon/Ray to talk about Tom & life in Wanganui
Nelson(Lesley/Beverley) to talk about Mum & McDonald connection
Karen to show & tell the story/legends of our Tuwharetoa tupuna: Ngatoro-i-rangi
Merv to trace connection from Tuwharetoa to Te Waati
Demo of whakapapa to date/ and collection of updates
Demo of website, community board and discussion about including 5. above on website.

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