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Tamatea Te Waati Taiaroa Whanau Trust Lands

The information on our trust land is now online at www.maorilandonline.govt.nz Search under trust for Tamatea Te Waati Taiaroa Whanau Trust



(Alterations 23/2/04)

CATEGORY I: Leased land and substantial interests
CATEGORY II: Blocks planted in forest and/or managed by other trusts
CATEGORY III: Other land
CATEGORY IV: Wanganui incorporations


1.1 Waituhi Kuratau 1B1: is located on Highway 41, just west of the junction with Highway 32(which is the western route around Lake Taupo) on the Kuratau Stream which flows into Lake Taupo.

There are 208 owners in this block but our Trust owns 108 shares of 561 total shares. This is substantially more than any other individual shareholder and together with Rakeipoho Taiaroa's family interests(74 shares)could be in a position to influence decisions within this Trust.

The block covers approximately 196 hectares(486 acres)of which 100 to 130 hectares are suitable for farming. It was last valued at $220,000. It is administered by the Maori Trustee. In 1988 the Waikato Valley Authority paid for the planting and fencing of the streams leading into the Kuratau Stream at a cost of $83,000 in return for a 999 year lease of that land. At that time the current lessee surrendered his lease and a neighbouring Maori Trust farm took up a 15 year lease at $2,800 pa.

In 2003 the lease with the neighbouring Trust was renewed for a further 21 years, with an increase in the rent to $11,500 for the first 7 years and $16,000 thereafter. As well, the lessee undertook to undertake development of the block to the tune of $275,000 and investigate the possibility of planting trees on 14 hectares(35 acres)to be harvested on a 50/50 basis with the owners.

Mervyn and Rakeipoho were appointed as Advisory Trustees to assist the Maori Trustee in the administration of this block.

1.2 Tokaanu Township 2nd Reserve: this covers 6.9 hectares in the township of Tokaanu. The Trust has only 0.0553 shares out of 1956.8 total shares and there are 2,613 other owners. Contact: Wiremu Mariu PO Box 209 Turangi(There are two other Tokaanu blocks but we do not appear to receive any income from them. See "Other Land").


2.1 Waipapa Blocks: There is no easy access to these blocks but they are located close to Highway 47 which runs from Tokaanu to Tongariro National Park, not far from Minihihi's Track and Lake Pounamu which are well known tourist attractions; and border onto the northern boundary of Tongariro National Park and the northern slopes of Mount Pihanga.

It appears these blocks were partitioned off in 1949 at about the time highway 41 was surveyed. According to the Court records Tamate te Waati endorsed this process. There is no reason given why this was done.

Waipapa 2A1A:

This block covers 74 hectares(183 acres) and out of a total of 28 shares the Trust has 6.5625 shares the largest individual holding; Rakeipoho Taiaroa's family with 5.3 shares is the next biggest shareholder.

It is not leased and there is no trust for its administration in place.

Waipapa 2A2A2:

This block covers 73 hectares(180 acres) and out of a total of 28 shares the Trust has 6.5625 shares the largest individual holding; Rakeipoho Taiaroa's family with 5.3 is the next biggest shareholder.

It is not leased and there is no trust for its administration in place.

Waipapa 1C1A:

This block covers 6.22 hectares and of the 28 total shares the Trust has 7.875 shares. There are 26 owners in all. Value: $2,500(1989)

It is not leased and there is no trust for its administration in place.

Category I conclusion so far:

We have yet to visit these blocks but we believe they are covered with scrub and manuka. A possible option could be to amalgamate the blocks(provided we could get agreement of the shareholders in all three blocks) and/or apply for assistance from the Department of Conservation to fence and protect whatever bush remains on the blocks.

It is our intention to visit these blocks over the next twelve months to get a better idea of the terrain and access.(See also CD from Geographix)


2.1. The Lake Taupo Forest Trust(LTFT):

LTFT represents 60 separate Maori land titles located on the eastern shores of Lake Taupo. Our trust has shares in three of these:

2.1.1. Tauranga Taupo D2: this covers 364 hectares, there are 203.3740 shares and the Trust has 0.033 shares.

Tauranga Taupo 1A2: this covers 373 hectares, there are 44,466 shares, 3127 owners and the Trust has 1.22 shares.

Hautu 1A6: this covers 342 hectares, there are 847 shares, 148 owners and the Trust has 1.2365 shares.

(Note: Each of the brothers and sisters has succeeded individually to one of the blocks in LTFT ie: Opawa, Rangitoto 4&5 and Hautu D(Aggregated)(1.22 shares divided by 7 each out of 44,466 total shares). This allows them to enjoy certain benefits, as individuals, which may not have been available to them through the Trust.)

LTFT(in 2002) had assets of more than $176m, sold more than 500,000 cubic metres of logs, earned $27m and paid out over $1m to nearly 4,000 owners. In addition its Charitable Trust gave out nearly $120,000 in educational grants.

Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust(LRFT):

The LRFT is separate from the LTFT but has a common Chairperson(Tumu Te Heu Heu), operates in a similar manner but is smaller. It(2002) has assets of $42m, controls over 16,000 hectares(in 71 separate blocks) of which 57% is in forests, mostly pines. Harvesting of forests only started in 1999 and 180,000 cubic metres was harvested in 2003. There are over 9,000 owners registered. The forest is located west of Lake Rotoaira.

The Trust has shares in three blocks:

Ngapuna: this covers 582 hectares; there are 3,529 owners and the Trust has 0.2 shares of a total of 1524 shares.

Papakai 1: this covers 151 hectares ... has 3,000 owners and the Trust has 2.0583 shares.

Okahukura 6A2: this covers 51 hectares has 1,162 owners and of a total of 12.834 shares the Trust has 0.1834 shares. This block is SW of Turangi.

East Taupo Lands Trust: this is separate from the two former forest trusts. Some of the land is leased for hunting and fishing. Contact: Russell Feist, PO Box 5003 Wellington.(Shareholder No: 4710). It has both education and kaumata benefit programs in place.

Kaimanawa 2B: this covers 10,926 hectares, there are 3,011 owners. Of a total of 301 shares the Trust has 0.25. Value: $820,000(1995).

2.4. Ngaporo Waimarino Forest Trust: this is administered by Phillip Lendrum, PO Box 282 Wanganui; shareholder no. 3584. There is an education benefit in place. Contact: Robert Cribb Valley Road, Raetihi. The two blocks in which we have interests are:

Waharangi 6K: covers 50.5 hectares, there are 133 owners and the Trust has 0.5 shares out of 125 shares. It is located E of Raetihi.

Taku 5: covers 108 hectares, there are 133 owners and the Trust has 0.2083 shares out of 285 shares.

2.5. Lake Rotoaira : we have not found all of the information on this as yet. It may be part of the LRFTT but it is not listed as such. There are 7850 owners and the Trust has 2.55118 shares of a total of 9063 shares. Value: $21,000(1985) Contact: Arthur Smallman, 98 Gloaming Hill, Onepoto.

CATEGORY II Conclusion so far:

Most of these trusts are substantial businesses and appear well-managed but our trust has insignificant interests. Therefore, the greatest benefits are probably going to be from the educational grants available to members of our Trust.


These are blocks that we know little about and in which we have an insignificant interest. Some have trusts in place but none have leases.

3.1 Tauranga Taupo 1B2C: There is no trust in place and the Trust has 0.033 shares out of 35.4830.

Whitianga 2B16B8B: there is a trust in place but no lease. This covers 20115.73 hectares. There are 1054 owners. It is located SW of Turangi and NE of Raetihi. Contacts: Mark Cribb PO Box 63, Raetihi/Sydney Taiaroa 153 Puriri Street, Wanganui/Geo McLeod 19 Anaua St, Putiki. The trust has 0.76381 shares out of 4,980.232665.

3.3 Tokaanu 1st Reserve: this is registered as a Maori Reservation for Hato Petera Maori College. There are no trustees. No rates are paid. The Trust has 0.05 shares of 1956 shares. It covers 2.28 hectares. There are 1542 owners.

3.4 Tokaanu B2M1B: this covers 41 hectares, there are 530 owners, and of a total of 375 shares the Trust has 0.1 shares. There is an Ahu Whenua Trust in place but no trustees. This is located south of Tokaanu near Waipapa 2A2A2.

Kaimanawa 3B2B: this covers 5163 hectares, there are 1921 owners, and of a total of 569 shares the Trust has 0.0667. Contact: Wh Downs State Highway, Waitaha 1, Taupo. It is located SE of Turangi.

Papakai 2B3: this covers 36.62 hectares, there are 2,404 owners, and of a total of 1413.5199 shares the Trust has 2.0583 shares. This is located SW of Turangi. There is no trust in place.

Waimarino B2: this covers 203.45 hectares. There is no trust in place and the Trust has 14.3751 shares out of 500 shares. Value: $15,000(1996). There are 47 owners.

Ohutu 5B2: this covers 350 hectares, there are 2,350 owners and the Trust has 0.0796 shares out of a total of 957.8 shares. Value: $58,000(1996). It is located close to Raetihi. Contact: Cyril Ranginui, RD6 Upokongaro, Wanganui or Reuben Ashford.

CATEGORY III conclusion so far:

As the Trust's interests in these blocks are so insignificant we will follow up on them when time or the opportunity arises.


The application to establish the Trust's interests in these incorporations was separate from those to the Maori Land Court. But we have made contact with the administrators of these incorporations and are gradually learning more about them.

4.1. Pipiriki Incorporation: this organisation owns land and buildings worth $1.7m in the vicinity of the township of Pipiriki. Some of the land is in forest and farm leases. The property includes kaumatua flats and Pipiriki House. The Trust has 1.54 shares of a total of 72,000 shares. Shareholder No: 3584. Contact: Phillip Lendrum, PO Box 282, Wanganui.

Atihau-Whanganui and Morikaunui Incorporations: these are two separate blocks but are administered by the same people. Contact: Frances Porana, Robson & Partners, 52 Ingestre Street, Wanganui. Shareholder No: 2811. They have 7th form and tertiary grant programs in place.

Atihau-Whanganui(2003) comprises eight separate sheep and cattle stations; assets of $23m; annual lamb sales of 60,000; with overall stock units carried close to 100,000. The Trust has 355.73 shares.

Morikaunui(2003)comprises two separate stations located at Ranana and Kakatahi; assets of $7m; annual lamb sales of 5,000; with overall stock units carried at 42,000. The Trust has 0.85911 shares.

CATEGORY IV conclusion so far:

Whilst the Incorporations are substantial operations the Trust's interests are insignificant. Again the major benefits may be from the Whanganui Trust which distributes educational grants to high school and university students of more than $100,000 per annum.

Note for information: the above information has been obtained from the Maori Land Court as a result of the original Succession application but as well from the Maori Land Information Base(MILB) and from the Maori Trustee's Office in Wellington.

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